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Small Bottled and Pure Water Production Line

Company & Industry Overview:

To be an environmental friendly along with achieving business profitability is one of the core objectives of Shine dew Water Equipments. With more than 10 years of rich experience in China, Shine Dew Water Equipment supplies multiple varieties of water treatment machines i.e. small and large water purification factories as well as households water purifiers across the world, with its origin in Shenzhen, China.

Shine Dew water Equipment Co. Ltd. believes in the fresh and healthy lifestyle and it is committed to play its vital part in providing fresh drinking water to people by catering multiple segments of different industries. The core competency which differentiates Shine Dew from rest of the water equipment suppliers is the incorporation of “Reverse Osmosis” technology in its multiple water treatment products which contain a solid germ-check technology that keeps the smallest and the tiniest particle that is unnecessary to be filtered. Thus the quality is maintained with educing all impurities from water.

Certifications & Standards:

In order to match it with international standards, Shine Dew Corporation has acquired two industry related certifications which keeps Shine Dew in the top of water equipment suppliers meeting the international industry norms, these are certificates from ISO 9001:2000, and from CE & ROH.

With these qualities, Shine Dew remains one of the top supplier of water treatment equipments from small household gallons to setting up customized water treatment and bottling plants, which makes Shine Dew one of the best choices of not only industrial customers but for households as well.

While Shine Dew offers a variety of its products like RO Water Purification Machine, small bottled water production line is being completely setup by expert engineers of Shine Dew Water for its customers based in different countries. These small bottled water production lines produce water bottles ranging from 200ml to 2 liters. Bottle blow molding machine, semi-automatic and automatic water bottling line, automatic packing machines all come under small bottled water production line.

Meanwhile Pure water production line majorly includes three in one Washing filling and capping machine embodied in one equipment. This three in one filling machine is fully automated water treatment equipment used in filling array of beverages including mineral water, juices cooking oil, yogurt etc in PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) bottles which can be recycled as well. This filling machine of pure water production line processes the bottle filling with much more speed than it could be done manually. Moreover, the filling speed of the three in one machine can provided by Shine Dew is featured in multiple categories with multiple filling heads in single machine i.e. the machine has multiple defined ranges of filling capacities which can be utilized by the filler.
The bottle size in this machine of pure water production line varies from 20ml to 5liters. The automated machine of Shine Dew Water is an easy to operate and easy to maintain with reliability because of branded spare parts incorporated in it.

Been almost 13 years in the market with roughly six years of export experience, Shine Dew water Equipment Co. Ltd. deals in the vast variety of water treatment equipment. Each water treatment equipment has a category which further includes multiple types of its own machines. This shows the bigness of Shine Dew Water Equipment Co. Ltd. Water dispensers; Water vending machine which is specifically used for dispensing items such as juices, snacks and other consumer products; household water purifiers, thus catering to not only industrial segments but to household segments as well.

The majority of Shine Dew Water products have an incorporated Reverse Osmosis system which is an advanced purification technology i.e. assuring the quality of products at the same time along with meeting international standards.

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  • Company Name: Shine Dew Water Equipment Co., Ltd.
  • Business Type: Manufacturing
  • Year Established: 2001
  • List of Employees: 26-50
  • Legal Representative: Mr. William
  • Certificate: CE CERTIFICATE, ISO9001:2000