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  • Contact Person Mr. William J Lau
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Dedicated to get our customers towards the better paths of life, with no risks and healthier life cycles; Shine Dew Water Equipment Company Limited is working every day to cater the international and local customers that we have with the best and the most reliable water components possible without any outclassed charges. While being reasonable we would like our customers to note the quality and characteristic factors that the water (liquid) equipments must contain as they are solely responsible to help us stay in good physical shape!

Did you know? Most of our health is assisted by the Water we drink!

The liquid intakes associated with our daily routines affect a lot on our bodies and the overall shape and size of our life. Starting from the very first glass of water that we drink, the day and its activities totally depend upon the liquids taken inside and the proteins and hemoglobin they contain. Every sip of water has been calculated to attain a proper life cycle for human body, as per scientific estimations, every human body has been given a particular Daily Water Intake Ratio by the international health and science departments. These vary from age groups to the daily routines that various people indulge into.

Our RO water purification machines are perfectly suited with all the advantages of conventional purification systems plus they contain a solid germ-check technology that keeps the smallest and the tiniest particle that is unnecessary to be filtered!

With the official certifications from ISO 9001:2000, and from CE & ROHS; we have become widely popular in helping people attain a better lifestyle by staying healthy, using our Water Purification Machines and staying appropriately forward at every moment!

If the mind is fresh, the body is healthy, and the intentions are PURE; nothing can stop you from achieving your ultimate GOALS!

Incorporating the latest technology in purification, our RO Water Equipment is enhanced and appropriate for continuous water purification needs without giving a single chance to any defects! Staying on top while maintaining the superiority in our water purification products, and staying as average as it is possible when it comes to pricing; our company is the perfect stop for your liquid purification systematic needs; whether at your home or at the office!

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Other Information

  • Company Name: Shine Dew Water Equipment Co., Ltd.
  • Business Type: Manufacturing
  • Year Established: 2001
  • List of Employees: 26-50
  • Legal Representative: Mr. William
  • Certificate: CE CERTIFICATE, ISO9001:2000